Glover House

Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Speaking of MIA
  Two years and no posts. Where did the time go? I am very sorry. Would you believe we finished. It is true, the house is all done. Well, it is never done, but it is good enough that we can have company over. So when are you coming to visit?

We volunteered the house for the Christmas Home Tour to benefit Meals on Wheels. That is this weekend. There was even an article in the Ann Arbor News. After that I hope to start posting more pictures and stories of how this all turned out. You get to hear about our first winter. The coming of Spring and sending Maggie off to war. Our scramble to get the house painted as a surprise before Maggie returned from Afghanistan. How about digging a 200 foot well and having it come up dry. Oh there is much more, but for now, enjoy the latest photo.

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