Glover House

Thursday, December 12, 2002
What Happened?
  Gosh, two months and no new updates, what happened? Uhh, we got sort of busy. There was an incredible push to get moved in by Thanksgiving and guess what? We made it. Yep that is right. Maggie and I spent our first night in our new house on Thanksgiving. As many of you know, we had plans for a big Thanksgiving dinner with eight friends and family coming over. I mentioned to Maggie several weeks ago that we should have a trial run in the kitchen the weekend before Thanksgiving to make sure everything works.

We never got to do the trial run. Did you hear about the third flood? Well they weren't really floods, you could call them "Water Events". The first event was when the hot water was turned on for the first time back in September and we found out that the tile guys had put a nail into a pipe on the second floor. The second event was when Maggie hit the emergency eject button on the Asko washer and dumped a load of water and clothes out on the second floor laundry. I didn't even know that Asko washers had an emergency eject button, but they do. If you press the Start/Stop button twice very quickly, the door will just fly open. I guess that is so you can get the cat out instead of waiting for the washer to empty which is what happens if you press the Stop button just once.

The most recent event was caused by Mastertech Appliance Repair when they came over to repair the Sub-Zero refrigerator. The toe kick wasn't fitting quite right, so they came over to 'make' it fit. Remember the enemy of good is better. The toe kick was installed, but it was a little crooked and one screw wouldn't quite fit. Well they got it to fit but somehow damaged the water line to the ice maker. Of course we didn't know the water line was damaged until several hours later when I returned from shopping to find a small flood in the basement. Nothing else was damaged so I just had to mop up the basement floor. It made me nervous though. The water was not two feet away from the equipment rack for the servers and audio control system that have yet to be installed. I may have to look into mounting an umbrella in the rack.

Then we had problems with the floors in the garage. The floors were supposed to be done before Thanksgiving, but they missed two appointments. The house painters also missed two more deadlines so that delayed our move in even further. So we never got to test out the kitchen the week before the big dinner.

Our first meal cooked at Glover House was Thanksgiving day trying to feed 10 people and cook a 22 pound turkey in a oven purchased on Ebay some 14 months ago. The good news is dinner was great. The bad news is ... well ... there is no bad news. Yeah, really. Everything went off without a hitch. The kitchen was great. All the appliances worked. The oven worked great. The double drawer dish washer was awesome. You could be washing one load on pot scrubbing mode and in the mean time do two loads of glassware. The turkey was fabulous and the company was even better. No we didn't eat the company, what I meant was, oh never mind.

Dinner was wonderful. Maggie said she loves her new kitchen and she was glad all the food turned out. I was glad all the appliances worked and we didn't pop a single breaker. We apparently have different priorities. This was a great way to break in the new old house. It was so cool to actually be living in the house. To hear laughter and foot steps in the house and realize that not one person was a contractor was a blessing and a relief. Don't get me wrong, I love my contractors, well most of them. But it is time for them to be done. It was a Thanksgiving dinner I don't think we will soon forget.

Well, what about the painters? Did you get your counter in the Laundry room? Did you move everything over from the old house? Is Expo sending you letter bombs?

Whoa! Too many questions. First things first, pictures. I posted up new pictures for October, November and December. So make sure you check out all three months. I will try to get everyone caught up in the next couple of weeks, but in the mean time you can see what we have been doing. To answer some of your questions. No, the painters are not finished. (sigh)

Yes, Expo got the laundry room counter installed, on the fifth attempt. That is correct. Even after our come to Jesus meeting with Expo after the third failed attempt, it took Expo two more times before they finally got it right. Sheesh.

Have we moved everything over from the other house? Not even close. After this tremendous final push, we were so drained, it was hard to get the energy to start moving things. Perhaps after Christmas, we can get the closets finished and then start moving stuff over. In the mean time, we make lists each day of critical stuff we need, like spare sheets, more towels, and chips and salsa. More news soon.

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